Pat looks super sexy in her sheer red and black dress with her panties and nipples showing through. She striped to her underwear and then had a quick shower. Sitting on the toilet she voraciously sucked my cock while she played with her own. We then went back to the bed for basically a fuck session. Some girls just love to have a nice big dick in their ass and this is one of them. I came to Thailand so that I could capture the vision of a girl ramming her ass up and down on my cock as hers flops up and down and her tits bounce. This got her really hot so she lay down so I could film her doing her two fingered jerk to a creamy cumshot.
I met Pat at the famous Cocktails and Dreams Bar the first time I went there. Cocktails and Dreams is basically the Guess bar of Phuket but is no where near as nice. Pat immediately latched on to me when I went in and I was happy to take her home as she is very pleasant to be around. Pat is a really fun girl with lots of energy and likes to laugh. I complimented her on her muscularity and she said it was because she spent a year in the Army. She explained that it was not voluntary and that every male Thai is required to serve. I don`t really understand how the other ladyboys seem to avoid this. I assume if they come to the draft office dressed as girls they are given a pass. Pat of course did not undergo the change until after she had served. Despite her later transition she is virtually hairless. The only signs of her masculinity are her physique and of course her cock.

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