Pinky is another one of those petite feminine girls that you ask yourself how could she have a cock. But sure enough as you will see she has a nice little pink pole between her legs. She is a very quiet girl which may be more to do with her comprehension of English. She did not say or smile much so I wasn`t sure how much messing around she was in to. She starts out doing some innovative posing which was all entirely her idea. I love the ones of here lying face down on the floor and pulling her pants part way down revealing her tight abdomen and upper crotch. Continuing further on this path she shows us she has a nice shaved muff and balls supporting her little pinky. I checked out her cock sucking skills which were more than adequate. Loved the big hoop earrings and the way her lips stretched outwards as I pulled out of her mouth. Her upcurving cock got very hard by this point so we had a brief sword fight before she sat down in my lap for a stroke. It was then time for her to shoot her load all over her flat slim mid section. There is a super sexy bonus shower scene where she shows off her fabulous femboy figure.
I found Pinky on the Nana Hotel side of Soi4 around closing time of the bars in the plaza. This is always a great place to find freelances but at this time you can also find many of the well known bar girls who have just gotten off work. There must be 50 or so girls milling around talking to friends. They will usually hang around for up to an hour looking for customers and then will often go eat with there friends at one of the outdoor restaurants in the area. It is not uncommon to stumble across 4 girls munching away at 4 in the morning at one of these places. On this occasion I had just stumbled out of the bars and was scheduled to meet a girl back at my hotel. I happened upon Pinky who was standing alone and looking like she needed a date. As I was unsure whether she was a ladyboy I asked and was assured she had the necessary appendage. We exchanged numbers and I told her to call me in a couple of hours. She dutifully texted me just as I was finishing up with another girl: \”HI U WANT I TAKE FOTOS NOW PINKY?\”. I texted her back and the rest is history. Note I know \”texted\” sounds funny but I looked it up and it is the right word.

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