Not the prettiest girl in Pattaya but my god, what fucking body. In fact I can`t think of a ladyboy or girl who has a better one. She has perfectly shaped tits and ass tacked on to a long lean muscular frame. I found her showcasing this well in her slightly tattered cocktail dress on Beach Road around Soi 13. I bumped into to her as I was stumbling along on my ways back to the bars after finishing with another girl. She said \”go with you\” and so I did a 180 and she followed me back the short distance to my hotel. She took a call and then slinked out of her dress to reveal her spectacular tits sitting atop washboard abs. She took a shower and there are some great shots of the water streaming down on her against the black tile background. She is an awesome sight in just a towel and she seemed to know what to do next as she pawed to free my hard cock from my pants. I love her lower back tat which is eye candy when you are ramming her from behind. This is the only blemish on her perfect lightly tanned skin which is virtually hairless save her head and trimmed pubes and balls. From behind her sweet A-hole is a site to behold as it winks at you from the middle of her divinely shaped rump. Of course she also has a gorgeous big unhooded cock which sticks upwards at a 45 degree angle. Enjoy the shots of her stroking her big rod to orgasm.
If you look at only Nidnoy`s face you probably think that I must have been pretty drunk to take her home. Well that is true actually but there is another reason; unlike when I was young I no longer give a shit about a girls face. When you`re prepubescent I think for most guys it is all about the face. If I think back to grade school there were girls who had great bodies but were not as popular as prettier girls. This changes a bit in Junior High as the smart guys figure out it is easier to get in the pants of the not so pretty girls. I was way too picky given my minimal game so I did not get much action in my teens and early twenties. My epiphany came in college when I asked a buddy how he could screw a girl that I considered to be ugly. His answer was \”same basic anatomy\” and when this sunk in I promised myself to never again pass up a piece of tail. Of course there has to be something there that I find attractive and in this case Nidnoy has an abundance of cock hardening qualities. Ironically the Thai word nidnoy or rather nitnoy means a little bit.

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