I`m a sucker for a pretty face but I`m also a sucker for a sexy little Femboy body. Monika is the epitome of such a creature. She has a very pretty face with a big mouth that is always smiling and large fluttering eyes. In clothes she reminds you of those pubescent teen girls from Junior High that teased but would have nothing to do with you. If this isn`t enough to get you hard check her out in her black strapless bra showing her petite square shoulders and bejewelled sexy tummy. Femboy lovers will be ready to cum in their pants when she shows her suckabley sweet little hormonal tits. But pace yourself because the best is yet to cum. She takes off her short shorts to show us lacy white panties that contrast deliciously with her mocha skin. But wait, why do those tiny panties on this sweet teen babe have a bulge? Let`s take a peek. My god she has a short fat hooded cock in there! At this point in the shoot I almost uncontrollably forced her to her knees where she obediently went to work on my throbbing dick. She noisily moaned and slurped away as she sucked and yanked on me with one hand and jerked herself with the other. It wasn`t long before she produced a voluminous cloudy excretion from her adolescent girl dick.
For those who don`t know Femboy is broad term given to ladyboys who have retained some aspect of their true gender other than their cocks. Normally a Femboy will not have fake tits and I think Monika`s are perfect the way they are. It is too bad that some quack will likely ruin these by inserting oversized water balloons at some point. I love big fake tits but sometimes I like to imagine that I am molesting that girl from grade school that was responsible for my sexual awakening (and that she had a cock).
I met Monika at Casanova earlier that evening. The moment I sat down Monika plopped down on one side and another more womanly ladyboy on the other. As well an extremely hot girl hovered giving the impression that she was more deserving of my attention. I don`t know why but this always seems to happen to me at Casanova. At bars there are always girls looking over their shoulders to see if I am checking them out but here some girls definitely have an attitude. I will wave them over and say maybe we can talk later or give me your number but they inevitably storm away in a huff. Sure enough though I will catch them glancing over from across the bar. This is a fun game and I like girls with spunk but my instinct tells me that these headstrong girls may be trouble later on when it comes to negotiating the shoot. So as I have learned the hard way countless times I went with the birds in the hand versus the one in the bush. So then I had to decide between girl (Monika) or women.
This again was an easy choice as through all the games with the other girls Monika simply snuggled close and beamed up at me adoringly. When I waved the waitress over to pay the bill and the barfine she squealed with excitement and hopped up to go change and grab her things. At this point attitude girl strutted over and hand on hips challenged me with \”why you go with that little girl?\”. I pretty much laughed in her face and this of course fuelled her anger. She twirled around heel on toe and against better judgement I jumped up catch her by the arm. I moved close and whispered in her ear something like \”Sorry baby, I like you, give me your number, I`ll call you later\”. Like magic her body unstiffened and she turned her head and said \”I like you too but my phone not work, you come back later\”. I said that I would try but of course I did not and it was probably for the best.

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