This is a tiny little gnat of a girl coincidentally named Nat except for the fact that she has a huge cock. She starts the set combing her fake hair as she stands in her skimpy orange outfit and fishnet stockings. You can see every ripple on her bare midriff and when she sits down the large bulge in her white panties push her tiny skirt up. As I moved close she wasted no time pulling out and sucking my cock before standing and removing her skirt. The bulge grows and from behind she pulls her G-string aside to show her sweet hairy little bunghole and you can see the end of her large cock which has been forced between her legs. When she removes the straining white cloth, out springs her huge fat dick which looks even larger in proportion to her miniature body. It stays rock hard through showing us her puffy boy pussy and other poses before she takes a call. That done she generously lubes up her hairy hole and invites me to fuck it. This I do from a few positions before she settles down for a double cock jerk until she shoots her load all over my cock and stomach.
I found Nat on Soi 13/1 in Pattaya at Beach Road where she works as a freelancer (i.e. streetwalker). This Soi in central Pattaya has two Ladyboy bars, La Bamba and Stringfellows which employs many feminine ladyboys. For some reason most of the freelancers working around there seem to be the most masculine of ladyboys. I would not even say they are femboys but rather wig wearing transvestites. You would think they would work closer to the gay area, Sunee Plaza but I suppose they are looking for straight men and the traffic around Beach Road. This type of ladyboy is not for everyone and they are reputed a being the most trouble in terms of drug use, stealing and other bad things. I had no trouble with Nat who with her small size could not pose much of a threat but I found many of the others around there a little worrisome looking.

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