Superstar Mickey is one of the most beautiful and sought after ladyboys in Thailand. She really is the epitome of the truism that the best looking girls in this Asian Kingdom are men. It starts with her stunningly pretty face framed by her long red hair, with its big exotic eyes, small delicate nose and large toothy mouth. Her rather large head compared to her petite body gives her the look of a model or film star. Another thing that makes Mickey so special is her amazing body and her milky white complexion. In her short blue jean skirt and pretty blue lace top we can see her arms and legs are long and slender. If you are not hard already from her sexy posing then you will be when she takes off her top to show her perfect round tits and slim muscled torso. Skirt off we marvel how such a skinny girl can still have such nice curves. You could jerk off just looking at her in her bulging panties but then she gives us a peek at her bushy pubes. She then flips on all fours and pulls the panties off her wide little ass and we get a great look at her hairy boy pussy and part of her scrotum. Facing forward again she at first hides what is between her legs and then just spreads them to show her long hard upcurving cock. It has a perfect slightly tapering shape to its hooded end from her large round ball sack. We could just gaze upon her posing with her hard shedick all day. But time is money and she gets to work on it with one hand while kneading one tit with the other until she fills her navel with squirts of hot cum.

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