A little mouse is not the animal that comes to mind when you see ladyboy Mickey’s huge hairy cock and balls. Part of the reason for the large size of her shedink is that she is bigger boned than most ladyboys which in no way detracts from her sexiness. She has really gorgeous long and thick jet black hair which is cut in bangs to frame her large cute face. Like a cartoon character she has over sized facial features with big eyes, ears and cock sucking lips. Her bright and tight purple dress shows off her full figure and contrasts with her cream colored skin. Bare to the waist her black bra maintains this color offset and frames her slim toned arousing upper body. Your cock should be hard when she removes the dress to show her lacey red panties barley covering her bulging crotch, wide hips and big round ass. After some cheesecake posing she finally gives as a peek at her black pubes and then her large soft shriveled brown dick. Hers may be the size of a mouse at this stage but mine is rock hard and she sucks and slurps it well which causes her cock to grow fat and stand straight up against her stomach. When she stands her plump penis curves out at a 45 degree angle as her large balls hang below. She grabs my cock in one hand and her thick tool in the other and pulls her abundant foreskin back to show the large pink head. Her giant curving cock stays rock hard through various posing and some more sucking before its time to grease and finger her sweet asshole. She does this in doggy style position so we can see her giant ball bag and cock dangling below as she plunges her wet boy pussy. She then demonstrates that she can deep throat before setting up for the double stroke with me that causes her to squirt a huge stream of clear cum on to her abdomen.
I guess it is only natural for people the world over to associate the name Mickey with the famous Disney cartoon rodent. After all Disney is a symbol of American culture which has permeated every civilized and probably even most uncivilized societies on the earth. No doubt ladyboy Mickey chose her name as a result of being exposed to some 20 year old poorly dubbed reruns of the Mickey Mouse Club when she was child. Plus it makes more sense than Minnie given her true gender and the size of her cock. Infant consumer brainwashing by insidious singing Mouseketeers and cartoon animals is no longer limited to the West. Now poor children from every corner of the planet dream of going to Disneyland so their parents who make a few hundred dollars a year can pay $12 for a hotdog and coke. Anyway except for her purse, Mickey seems to have forgotten about all that and like all young ladyboys thinks about music, clothes, cell phones and sex.

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