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Belle is a freelancer from Bangkok who roams around the Nana Plaza/Sukhumvit Road area. It will be interesting to see if this girl originally from Samut Prakan remains a femboy. My guess is yes given that at the advanced age of 22 she still has the body of a 12 year old western girl. Genetics plays a big part in ladyboy development but a diet rich in hormones, cigarettes and crystal meth is also important. Perhaps it is just natural with Belle as she still has quite a pretty young face in spite of her somewhat strange haircut. Seriously though the low fat content of Thai food must be the main reason ladyboys are generally so slim given that very few if any exercise outside of sex. I normally lose several pounds very rapidly on my trips and have taken to looking for western food just to keep the pounds on. That gives me and idea; if any one wants to help me produce a Thai ladyboy sex holiday diet infomercial please let me know.

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