I`m happy to say (according to her) Ao is a first timer for making photos and videos so you are getting yet another LadyboyPlayer exclusive. When I went out I figured I would have a good time as usual but I wasn`t prepared to run into Ao. I drove by her bar and saw her standing outside looking sexy in her work uniform and it was obvious I had to stop and talk with her. As I got closer to her I noticed she was a lot more attractive than I had originally thought.
We went inside her bar and I bought her a drink. She was feeling all over me and I was feeling all over her…that’s pretty much how you communicate around here when you don`t speak each other’s language. She had on a padded bra so when I went under her shirt I was thrilled to find out she had tiny little hormone titties. I was instantly horny and of course had to feel my way down to her cock. When I put my hand under her skirt I could feel her hard cock trying to fight its way out of her panties. I pulled her panties to the side and grabbed her cock and precum oozed out onto my hand. I paid the bill for the drinks and her bar fine and we hit the road. Once inside the room we couldn`t keep our hands off of each other. She was so hot it took all of the willpower I had to stay focused on taking pictures and video so you could all join in on the fun.

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