When I first went into the bar Ann wasn`t on the stage, she was sitting with a potential customer and looking great. The bad thing for me was I knew I wanted to have her but didn`t know if she was going to go with him or not. I patiently had a few drinks waiting to see what she was going to happen. Watching her with the potential customer was a real turn on. Watching him feel on her cock and her feel on his…that sort of thing really gets my engine churning…if you know what I mean.
After about an hour the guy stood up and stumbled out of the bar leaving her behind so I quickly seized the opportunity to call her over for a drink. We talked and groped each other for a bit and we both got extremely horny. I paid for her bar fee and we hit the road back to the room.
Once in the room we started making out and right in the middle of it she insisted she go take a shower. Kind of bad timing because we were both already horny but Thais seem to be obsessed with showers before sex…sometimes. She took her shower and I waited in anticipation for what was to come. She came out of the shower naked but I had her put her clothes back on (taking off the clothes is something I take great pleasure in doing) and then we got to it. To be honest, after a little bit of time had passed I realized she wasn`t the sharpest tool in the shed, so to speak, but she did give an awesome blowjob so who cares. ;)

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