Ann is a friend of Ann from Laos who asked if I wanted to work with her friend. I said sure as I have learned not to refuse such offers (see below). So I`m sitting in my hotel waiting for this chick and wondering what she will look like. I here a knock at the door and I am a little nervous with anticipation. When I opened the door it was like one of those cartoons where the character`s tongue swells up like a balloon and the eyes spring out of the head to the sound of a horn blowing. At least it felt like this but I think I came off pretty cool as I greeted her, he he. I first saw her beautiful face with those exotic eyes which give her the look of a Bollywood starlet. My eyes dropped to see a skin tight alligator dress straining to hold in her succulently ample curves. I could not wait to see those big soft tits so I asked her to dance around a bit and pull her top down. Although I was feeling a little intimidated by her beauty she must have sensed I wanted to fuck her because she offered to take a shower. Of coarse she has a perfect medium sized cock that sprouts from dark black pubes. To see her soaping up her tits, tummy and cock was almost enough to make me cum in my pants. I held it though and she came to the bed to dry off and suck me off for a while. It took all my self control not to fuck the shit out of this babe as I wanted to properly catch every moment of her stroke to cumshot for you guys.

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