I think Umi has close to a perfect body which she seems to like hiding under loose blouses. She is fairly tall, slim and kind of muscular. Without those perfect sized boobs she would probably look a bit femboyish. I was surprised and delighted when she removed her blouse to show off her trim and tight torso. Those bountiful boobs are topped by large outward pointing dark nipples that cry out to be sucked. You don`t see it in the pictures but Umi has a slight over bite which may explain why she seldom smiles. She looks prettier in these pictures than the night we met partly I think because she did a nice job on her eyes prior tot the shoot. Umi was happy to let me trace the lines of her svelte body with whip cream which she also enjoyed eating off my cock. A nice cumshot which is somewhat lost in the melting sticky white mess stretching from her cock to her tits.

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