Tiny is the closest thing we have to a Halloween shoot this year with her big frightening spider tattoo. Standing next to other ladyboys who are mostly petite or rail thin she looks a bit like and ogre with her large head, braced teeth and bigger than average body. But I would challenge any heterosexual werewolf not to howl with lust at seeing her sexy hard body in her white leopard bikini and grey hoody. She says “trick or treat” and then inches down the front of her bottoms and we see she is no bride of Frankenstein. Those villagers who don’t run to the hills are rewarded when she shows she has a fearsome monster cock lurking in her bottoms. We are bewitched as she waves her magic meat wand around which stays rock through a costume change to her sheer black evening wear. Like a vampire we know this girl comes alive a night as she spreads her big ass cheeks and shows us her hairy fuck hole. As the light fades she drives the wood stake between her legs until it pierces the heart of heart of her scrotum and shoots ghost white cum. It will soon be dark when she can return to the Bangkok night to feed on falang cock.
When I first met Tiny I thought she was a bit scary but when she is alone with you she is very easy to get along and work with. She certainly is a natural model and she has a great looking cock and body and had no trouble maintaining a hard-on and cumming. You can’t miss Tiny at Temptations Bar with her giant spider tattoo above her heart. She says that she has had this for about 12 years and she is only 25 years old. She also has large dragon tattoos on her shoulder and on the small of her back which she has had for about 9 and 4 years respectively. When I asked how much she paid for these she said they only cost about 400 Baht each as her friend back home in Chang Mai did them for her. She says she likes to play volleyball and still does whenever she can. She said she has played for 14 years and last played competitively in university. At university she took communications with the idea of working in television. She says she had a bad relationship with a Thai man at university and left to pursue a career in the bars and find a falang boyfriend. She is looking for a nice falang man who will lover her and take care of her. I asked her when she planned to get mew (boobs) but said she wants to wait to see if her future boyfriend wants her to. I can vouch that she is a nice girl so if you are looking for a bigger girl Tiny may fit the bill.

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