This wild looking little girl from Nong Khai was game for the adult version of Pop Goes the Weasel. She seemed curiously amused with the prospect of doing a photoshoot which translates into an easy smile in front of the camera. While shorter than average at 160 cm tall I would not consider her petite as she has some nice curves. Her hormonal tits are developing nicely with their protruding nipples which would look phenomenal with a nice set of implants. I`m a fan of heavy eye makeup when done right and I think she pulls this off giving her a sultry look. The wild part comes from her blue streaked almost punk hair style. The best shot of her round face are the ones with her sexy lips wrapped around my cock. When she unleashes her one eyed weasel and generous nutsack it is a little timid at first. Sure enough after slurping on me and petting the little critter it swells up nice and fat. She then stroked and squeezed the head until it popped off a milky white discharge.

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