While not the prettiest girl on Walking Street, like a beacon in the night I was drawn to Pim in her bright yellow side ribbed skin tight tube dress. The striking contrast with her chocolate skin is exquisite and drew my attention in the crowd of ladyboys hanging around in front of Jenny Star. This must be working for her because I`m pretty sure I had seen her the night before wearing the same or similar dress. With those long legs she struts confidently up and down walking street rarely making eye contact with her falang prey. I`m sure you can see in her face that this girl has attitude. She does not beg you to take her home like so many others. She did not even appear particularly happy when I asked her. She indifferently looked me up and down before she acquiesced to my proposition. When she peeled of that dress I realized that this girl has a perfect super model body. I can`t put my finger on exactly what it is about her face that does not quite work because I love her hair and like her lips and nose. Perhaps her eyes are a touch too small, which you would think she could rectify with some additional shadow. I think with those incredibly high cheek bones there are just too many hard angles. You`d think these would be an asset on a tall girl with a model`s body. But after all she was born a man and a wide square lower face is inherently masculine. She probably would have made a handsome man if she had not gone the ladyboy route. Not surprisingly, as I found out later she is a top. In any other culture I think a dominant gay man would stay that way; that`s why I love Thailand.

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