Pangpon was the one I was shooting while Cindy was getting hard and she was a nice surprise. When I first saw her I didn’t get the sense that she was very pretty. I didn’t realize it at the time being caught up in the shoot but she is very sexy. Her expression, poses and the way her hair falls to her shoulders all do it for me. As you can see she has virtually no makeup on and a few large zits (unless my editing guys airbrushed these out). I think she could be a stunner if made and dressed up to the hilt. Her natural look extends to her whole body which is pale and hairless except the small pube tuft which I like very much. She got hard with a little help and seemed to enjoy sucking my dick. Seeing it soft, I was initially worried she had a small cock but it swelled up to respectable length and above average thickness especially at the base. Her balls seemed to swell up as well just before and after her nice little cum shot. There’s a few really nice shots of her spent cock and balls. I’ll have to remember to get more shots like this from all the girls. I guess I often don’t because many of them want to jump up and go get cleaned up immediately after cumming. Pangpon was content to just lay there as her sausage glistened.

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