Cute little Pancake didn`t really get that I wanted to take pictures of her naked. We got half way through the shoot and she said she thought we were done. Actually I think she was disappointed that I didn`t want to fuck her. Which of course I did but as I have said before this usually makes a mess of the shoot. This is yet another example of me explaining everything in English and the ladyboy nodding that they understand. In any case we worked it out financially so that she would be satisfied going all way. The result is quite good I think. Her cock appears to be huge in relation to her small body size. I thought she might have difficulty cuming given the prior tension but this was not the case. She came like a rock star from the standing position which in itself is unusual. Unless I help I find most of the girls like to lie down and close there eyes for a bit as they are getting ready to cum. We usually don`t show you this entire scene as sometimes it takes them 10-20 minutes without movement. Often if you ask them to move they will go soft and have to start over again. This time is usually inversely proportional to the amount of times they have cum that day. In their line of work sometimes they will cum 5 or more times in one day. Gone are those days for me as I am lucky to get one good cumshot a day when I`m in Thailand (although I can usually manage two a day for the first few days of my trips, ha ha).

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