If there was word to describe Ladyboy Oil, it would be `amazing`. Another LadyboyPlayer exclusive, this beautiful piece of Asian creation is perfect from head to toe, and in action. I`ve heard a saying before about guys wanting `a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets`, if that’s the case, you need to get on a plane and come get this one. Let me explain….
When we first locked eyes she looked away, but in a shy and flirtatious way. I called her over and she was nothing but polite, sweet and of course a lot more beautiful than I originally thought she was. With her almost nonexistent breasts, flat stomach and breathtaking face I was ready to go without saying another word. However, she said she wanted to get to talk more before we left. Yeah I know, what was I thinking? I know the drill, find`em, fuck`em and flee, but with Oil everything was different because I was taken in by her beauty. After talking to her for a while I come to find out she was very polite and sweet. She didn`t have that `rough edge` a lot of ladyboys seem to possess. Of course, once I did the `in club` cock check, it sealed the deal to get her the hell out of there and back to the room.
Once we got to the room, it was like a switch had been flipped. She quickly kept trying to take my clothes off and was feeling my cock through my pants. I, of course, did the same and had to pull it together a little to grab the camera to share this beauty with you folks. Once everything was ready the heat was on! To see the details of the evening you’re going to have to watch the scene, but I promise you won`t be disappointed by Ladyboy Oil. Seriously, if you come to Pattaya anytime soon, you might want to go get her because she’s not going to last long before some foreigner makes a wife out of her.

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