It would be a stretch to use the Monty Python catchphrase, “and now for something completely different”, in describing Num. But she is definitely not cut from the same mould as most Thai ladyboys who are usually tall and slim. No Num while having a fairly pretty face is a little bit chubby compared to most of her 0% body fat country-ladymen. We can see that the parts not covered by her satiny leopard print dress are covered in smooth milky white skin. Slipping the straps of her fluffy shoulders her bright red lace bra contains a nice mound of natural cleavage. Bare we see her slightly plump torso has some nice curves and a medium sized belly tattoo that does well to harden are cocks. Dress off she shows of her matching red panties that are hammocked by her cock and balls which gives us hope she is not hung like a hamster. Removing her bra she initially covers her tits with her arm and then lets us see her nice suckable hormone tits with small pointy red nipples. She squeezes and plays with her ample bosom before slipping out of her bottoms and starts to rub what we are happy to see is a nice fat little shedick and large ball sack. As she works her soft male genitalia she takes glance at some Asian porn magazine which makes her cock hard and fat. From behind she pushes this hooded sausage and meaty balls through her legs giving us a nice view of her hairy little A-hole. She finishes the set by laying back and massaging here floppy tits with one hand and pumping her pudgy penis with the other until it pukes a pile of pecker snot.I can only guess why this ladyboy looks so much different than most others. She has very white skin and her face appears to be somewhat western so perhaps she had a short white daddy. This would also explain why she seems to have more body fat than most Thais. It could also be that she simply likes western food like hamburgers and pizza. Any of you who have consorted with ladyboys or Thais in general know that their traditional diet is very low in fat. Plus most Thais do not seem to have a taste for western fast food. Perhaps the growing availability and pervasive effect of advertising is finally starting to change this though. Back home I have personally noticed that young girls are much fatter than they were when I was a teenager. Back in the 70’s we had no concept of the term booty. Instead girls with fat asses were generally thought to be unattractive. These days not only does the archetypal woman have a big bum but she also often has stomach fat spilling over her low-rider jeans. I guess this is OK but I honestly hope I’m long gone when all the ladyboys have bodies like Kirstie Alley.

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