Here is another lovely femboy named Noi who works at High Boss bar with her sister Wan who is also Ladyboy. Noi is not exactly pretty with her wide angular face. No she would probably be more accurately described as a handsome girl which I guess makes sense given her true gender. She has thin lips and nice white teeth, a few of which are a bit crooked which is less noticeable when she gives the occasionally coaxed smile. Noi has really nice long straight black hair that is styled nice over to one side and hangs down to her tits. She could not look sexier in her halter top and tight jeans which show off the lean angles of her toned physique. I love the outie belly button and the V created where her legs join her hips which you can see the top of sticking out of her pants and points down to you know where. When she slips out of her top you can count every rib and ab muscle and she loves to play with her pert little red nipples on her pigeon chest. She cinches down her pants to reveal nice neatly trimmed pubes at the bottom part of the V before exposing her cute little dick which quickly springs to life when she sees my dick is hard for her. She demonstrates her skills as a cocksucker before stripping naked her hot and fresh fat free body. Femboy worshippers will get weak knees and stiff dicks as she poses her hard little body and cock. The jack off scene is spectacular as she straddles the end table and we see every muscle and vein bulge through her skin as she strokes her hard dink until it shoots and exquisite load of hot cum.

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