This is a good example of what happens when a ladyboy finds me attractive and there is no one helping me with the shoot. It often pretty much degenerates in to me having sex with the model and as a result there is not a lot of variation in posing. Mona was very horny and was quite aggressive in getting into my pants while I tried to do a proper shoot. She chose a nice long zucchini which she got way up her ass. After this she begged me to fuck her. She has a sexy slim little body and a nice medium cock so I could not resist. I fucked her ass hard for five minutes and then she sucked me while she jerked herself off. All told about a 20 minute shoot. In hindsight, I was glad it was quick because as she was getting cleaned up, Wan, my quasi ladyboy girlfriend/assistant, came back from a brief outing. She probably would not have been too happy if she had walked in us doing the deed.

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