Of all the girls I shot on this trip I think I have thought about Mo the most. Is it the blonde hair, that slim sexy body, those exotic eyes, those big sexy lips, or that beautiful big cock; nigh I think it is the whole package. This cute little girl knows how to pose for the camera; either that or she liked me, I`m not sure as there was not a lot of talk. To my webmasters dismay I had forgot to ask most of the models to smile but Mo is showing her pearly whites in a lot of the pics. She is lucky to have gleaming strait white teeth as a lot of the girls do not have great teeth and as a result are shy about smiling. When she first unsheathed her tool I was thinking oh oh small cock but was I surprised to see it grow and grow. It turned into to a long thick curving sausage relative to her small slim body. When jerking she likes to lay back and close her eyes, I suppose imagining having sex with her dream date. I`m not sure how much of the video we are going to show but I could not resist jumping in several times to help things along. I must have spent half an hour propped on my elbows and knees over her while we French kissed. While I did this she opened her eyes wide and writhed about under me as she jerked both our cocks with each of her hands. I had no intention of cuming as Fon was coming back to spend the night but could not resist; so the first load you see on her stomach is mine which seemed to inspire her to a minute leaky cum. This was obviously quite an effort for her as you can see she just lay there for quite a while.

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