Now Mimi was Mona`s friend (I think) and basically just showed up. My initial thought was that she wasn`t the prettiest girl I`d seen but I am all about trying to bring out the best in each girl. Mimy turned out to be a great poser and I think you can see that she has a phenomenal little bubble but. In fact it is one of the most perfectly shaped bums I have seen on any ladyboy. I showed her the giant red candle and she winced at it but said she would try. She impressed me when she actually got it in her ass a little ways and seemed turned on by this. No problem producing a cumshot from her fat little cock. In the end I was really glad that Mimy came as I probably would not have picked her out of a crowd as someone I wanted to work with (or screw).
I have no back story for Mimy for as I said, she just appeared at my door. She told me she worked at Guess Bar and I did see her there briefly as I only went there once for about an hour this trip. It would pretty hard, IMO, to stay focused on Mimy at a place like Guess with so much top talent working there. The night I went I hung with Fah and got beat twice in pool by Jenny. She is a good player but playing pool for me is more a battle with my own drunkenness then with my opponent.

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