May was immediately struck by May`s unquestionably beautiful face. I think in her case this comes down to the eyes which are supported by her other unextraordinary facial features. There is something about the angle of the eyebrows and the artful application of makeup that makes men open their wallets for May. Really if you look at May`s body, while perfectly adequate for a good time, it is somewhat below average when compared to many other ladyboys without an ounce of fat and big fake tits. May is just one of those lucky girls whose best feature is the first thing people see. If I could speak Thai well enough to give her career advice I would tell her to go into sales or television.
The shoot was a fairly quick little affair. May had a conservative black bikini so I gave her the boa to add some flair. Her body should appeal to guys who like a natural looking girl with a few extra ounces giving her body a soft look. She has gorgeous shoulders and of course her face. Her lovely long somewhat messy hair usually hides one of her dangling earrings. A little dancing, jerking and sucking of me and she was ready to cum. As often happens the model does not understand or forgets when I tell them to give me some notice they are cuming. So sorry I only got the end of her large cumshot from a bad angle. I think it is just as sexy watching her wondering how to and then cleaning up the cum all over her hands, tummy and cock.

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