To cool off one hot summer night I went out for a drink with a friend and ran into to sizzling ladyboy Mai. We went into the go-go bar and she came over and immediately started giving my cock all the attention it wanted. I couldn`t resist but to return the favor. I started feeling on her and kissing on her neck in the booth at the go-go. Before long she had my cock out and I had hers out as well. I kept teasing her, kissing down her stomach like I was going to put her in my mouth to make her horny. I slowly stroked her cock in the go-go and to my surprise she blew a load on her stomach (and my hand) in the go-go…it was hot. Since most ladyboys are only good for one cum every so many hours I figured maybe it was best if I swapped her out for another one and take her back to my room another time when she had a fresh hot load I could enjoy more in private. I got her number and my friend and I left the bar.
I kept thinking about how hot it was to get her off in the go-go bar and I had to go back to take her to my room. The next day I went to get her only to find out she had left the bar to go work at Alcazar (the second biggest cabaret show in Pattaya). Luckily I had her number so I called her and she said she had just finished work and would love to meet up for some fun. I picked her up outside Alcazar and we went to the room. It didn`t seem to take much, just some light kissing on the neck with a little touching and teasing and this Asian boy babe was ready to go. Of course it didn`t take long before her cock came out and it was pulsating when I took hold of it. Anyways…we quickly moved to the bed and that’s when things got heavy. Before you know it I was stroking her thick dick while mine slid in and out of her mouth and we were having a great time. She got me off so quick with her excellent oral skills that I was almost embarrassed; but I loved squirting my load in her waiting mouth while I pulled on her penis. After I came she went to the bathroom to wash off and ended up getting herself off while staring into my eyes in the shower. A great end to another hot Pattaya night with and even hotter ladyboy!

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