Recently divorced Lina has left behind a Thai wife and child to pursue a life of having sex with falangs for money. I had not met her before the shoot and my first impression when she arrived at my door was she is a femboy extraordinaire with her fairly masculine face which she was apologetic about explaining until recently she was living as a bisexual man. You can see in close-ups that she has traces of a moustache which is at odds with the forced feminization of her eye makeup, hair, earrings and garb. Any seasoned ladyboy connoisseur will quickly overlook the signs of her true gender to see she has dirty ladyboy sex oozing from every pore. This comes across in her unvarying wry smile and the way she carries her small slim hard body and the view of her bare midriff. Femboy lovers are further rewarded when she removes her pink top to reveal a slight hour glass shape with ribs showing above a hard flat tummy which is framed by the cock hardening “V” created by the separation of her toned abdomen and hip muscles. The “V” points downward to the hidden surprise lurking in her pants which she wears so low that you can just see the top of per trimmed pubes. She teases us for a while by covering this area with the bunch of her top which she finally removes along with her pants to reveal black boyish panties. The effect of her sucking my wang is this area slowly bulges until a nice veinless medium large fem-dick pops out one side. She admires her throbbing meat pole for a moment which is already glistening with precum until she finally removes the covering where we see the stack of her cock and large balls. We see her dink soften a bit so the head has almost retreated under its hood until this is cured by some self-stroking while slurping on my dick. This happens again when she lets go so we encourage her to step up the pace and then stand up where she clenches her but cheeks while she strokes her now very hard penis with one hand and mine with the other. The end game begins as she is back down on the bed propped on one elbow as the hand of the other arm works her girl pipe until out flows a quantity of frosty ball juice.

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