Just to be sure she didn’t get away before showing us her huge cock we gagged and tied Koko up in the closet while we were out. Upon our return we see that this cute little minx is ready to play as she removes her restraints. She is a curvy little girl with a big hidden surprise and she poses seductively in her green halter and tight white belted jeans. When she strips to her bra and panties we see she has not starved her small body which gives her soft appearance in the buff. She pulls down the tops of her panties to reveal a bushy mound of pubes before her soft but still quite large cock and balls flop out. She proudly poses her fat dink and large low sagging ball sack. She easily takes my dick in her small mouth which causes hers to grow larger and stand tall. She then turns around to show us the sweet little boy pussy at the center of her fine ass and we are astounded at how low her balls hang. When she turns back around sitting in the chair her balls are engorged and her cock has grown to full size which means its time to jerk. On the bed we get some top down views of her stroking that big hairy shedick before she sucks me a bit more then sits on my lap so she can stroke our cocks in unison. The end game is near as she lays back for some final sucking and jerking until she shoots her clear load before her spent penis sags down with her emptied balls.
Koko is a friend of a friend and showed up one day when called to do the shoot. She lives and comes from Bangkok and works there as a freelancer so check out the forum for her contact info. She is very nice and sweet and was a breeze to work with. I have seen her on others sites a few years ago when she was much thinner which made her cock look even bigger in relation to her tiny body. I think I prefer her a little thinner but she is certainly not overweight and appeals to guys who like girls with a little meat on their bones. The extra weight also adds to her femininity which would also be enhanced by a nice set of tits which I forgot to ask her if she was getting anytime soon. Girls often do it as a selling feature but since small girls with large cocks are always in high demand she may not feel the need.

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