Joy and Wan
Here we have two slim big titted and cocked babes who join me for a little fun in the toilet. Joy who is the curvier and darker of the two looks gorgeous in her small and tight camo bikini which leaves little to the imagination. Joy has a beautiful face and very sexy dirty blonde hair that compliments her flawless chocolate colored skin which glistens when wet. Wan is slimmer and younger but just as pretty with her white skin which contrasts with her jet black hair. Her sheer black pink trimmed bathing suit covers more but it is simply impossible for her to look bad in any outfit with her silicone titted supermodel skinny body. The girls start the set by washing each other before giving us a peek at there shaved cocks and Joy exposes her perfect round water balloons. Joy’s huge shedink gets hard first and she sits down on the lieu to wrap her big pink lips around my cock and suck and then lick it and my balls. Wan quietly watches us as she strokes herself until out pops her also giant boner. I leave Joy to stroke alone on the toilet and show Wan that while she is huge I still have her by an inch or two. Side by side the girls compare and fondle each others big dicks and Joy finally pulls Wan’s top down and out fall her huge fake jugs. It is then Wan’s turn to demonstrate her cock sucking skills first on Joy and then on me sitting on the toilet as she holds her veiny curving dink between two fingers. Joy gets horny watching this and calls me over asking to suck my cock some more until she gives Wan a close up view of her long hard down curving penis. The girls continue to jerk themselves as they switch positions so Joy can suck me yet again. This sets up the double cock jerk where Joy squirts frothy white cum on herself followed by Wan’s blob blast on Joy’s left tit and arm.
What a great day I had working with these two babes who work at High Boss Bar in Pattaya. We wanted to do an outdoor beach shoot so we went to a somewhat secluded part of North Pattaya. As we could not escape curious onlookers entirely it ended up being a fantastic bikini shoot which will show up in the more photos section at some point. The toilet scene here was an afterthought as I needed somewhere to get the girls naked and they were happy to wash the sand off at the same time.

Joy and Wan
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