If you are toying with the idea of going to the Philippines to have sex with a ladyboy then keep in mind Itoy. Not only does this Asian plaything have a pretty face and lean body but you will be surprised at the size of her hidden surprise. She starts the set looking sleek and sexy in her waist wrap and burgundy top which is falling off down to reveal her bikini top. When she strips to show her matching bottoms we notice she has an outy belly button and then flat small nippled tits. At this stage we are like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for to unwrap her crotch present. When she does like a jack in the box made of meat out pops a large down-curving dink with a huge pink ball sack. Eyes wide with surprise we watch as she models with her tinkle trinket which has a wreath of wispy pubes. Sitting back she plays with her boy toy until she handlessly squirts a plume of gooey jizz from the bulbous pink head.
Photographer’s comments: I initially thought Itoy is one of those models who need an extra day to finish the shoot. She doesn’t look relax and I have to stop the shoot from time to time to remind her to smile to the camera. But I must say she is hardworking and I could really see how she tries her best. Best of all, she got lots of loads. I guess she is just shy, which is common to all my models.

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