Icey is the epitome of the super tall and skinny girl with over sized tits. This is probably my favourite type of girl. Not an ounce of fat comes between those long bones and her bronzed skin producing only hard edges. I applaud the choice of extra large boobs which don’t seem to make sense on her emaciated frame. I figured a six foot girl would have a huge cock and I was heartened to see a very large dark scrotum drooping lower than her 4” flaccid cock. I was disappointed to hear that she could not achieve much wood due to hormones. We tried to compensate for this oiling her up and giving her a large zucchini play with. In the second part of this shoot Icey puts on (and then takes off) a sexy leather bodice which suits her long frame well. She happily receives the foot long zucchini most of the way into the ass. She then settles back into the office chair to jerk herself while she sucks me off. I soon cum quite a bit all over her greasy tits and stomach. You can see her long pierced tongue in a few pics which adds nicely to her overall sluttiness.

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