I think Golf is one of the sexiest girls out there; beautiful tits, ass and cock. I was half cut walking out of Nana after the bars closed and looking for action. Who should I happen upon but the famous Golf. Without hesitation I took her back to my hotel and fucked the shit out of her. I`m sure that I licked and sucked ever square inch of that delicious body paying special attention to those succulent nipples, yummy cock and sweet A-hole. We fell asleep in a mess of cum and sweat. I woke up early, perhaps due to my hangover, and went to 7-11 for coffee, juice, sticky buns and altoids. The wake up scene is not staged; she was fast asleep while I was banging around setting up the lights. She looks smoking hot with her surprisingly sexy bed head. One shot shows that she has a nice hard on so a short snack and drink later and she was ready for more sex. Some oral, some anal and mutual cum shots later and she is cleaning up to go. I was not unhappy about this as I had things to do and I know if I spent more time with this girl all we would do is eat, sleep and screw.

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