Gee is an older girl who works at High Boss in Pattaya who comes to us in her red cocktail dress. She has very long wild black hair which literally reaches her waist. Her pretty face is contorted by her attempts at a forced smile. However her best feature is her beautiful eyes which are large and lashed. You can see from her arms and legs that she keeps her body in good condition no doubt from lots of sex. With the dress off she looks curvy in her super tight black lace corset and dirty jean short s under which I was pleased to see she has naturally wide hips. The contrast of black on white is maintained with her sexy lace triangular panties which point to her only masculine feature. She soon pulls these down to let us peek at her trimmed pubes and top of her cock and balls which are neatly tucked between her legs. She then does a 180 and spreads her large ass cheeks to give as a close up view of her sweet boy pussy. Some great shots of my dick in her mouth before she stands and exposes her large puffy nipples while stroking her small dick which never gets fully hard. On the bed she lays back and takes turns between sucking me and two finger stroking, stretching and squeezing her dink and balls until they finally produce a surprising squirt of clear cum.
When I first saw Gee outside in front of Hi Boss she looked super hot. She looked much more impressive than in the light where I had second thoughts about choosing her over a large number of sexy and desperate girls. But she has a great attitude and did her best to work with her obviously over hormoned cock. She has an interesting story in that she says she lived with her boyfriend in the Netherlands for many years. Despite being back working the streets of Pattaya to support herself she like most Thais and unlike people in the West does not seem to be bitter about her previous relationship. I suspect that this has something to do with them being just as happy to return their own culture.

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