I would like to introduce you to Eye, ANOTHER ladyboy player exclusive!!!
The one thing that stands out to me most about Eye is how aggressive she was. When I walked past her she started grabbing on my cock and trying to convince me to short time her. Most “working” ladyboys do the same but she was extremely persistent. In fact, she was so persistent she offered to suck my cock on the side of the street and she put my hand down her tight shorts right there in front of everybody so I could feel her cock. SOLD! I got her number and thought about how much fun she would be when I called on her.
I was sitting around…a little bored and a little lazy to go out and Eye came to mind. I started thinking about her and how aggressive she was and wanted to see if she would be the same way in bed. I called her to come over and she arrived within the hour…willing to please. When she first came in she said, `hey I remember you` and attacked me. She was so aggressive I had to calm her down a little bit so I could get my cameras and everything in order to share the experience with you guys. Once the cameras came on she got a little shy but luckily she warmed up a little once she got a cock in her mouth.
Overall, I can say I`m glad I made the call to Eye. She was fun, she was willing and best of all, she had a raging hard cock the entire time. I`m not joking, from about 2 minutes from walking in the door until about 5 minutes after she blew her load her cock was jumping up and down it was hard. God I love this place!

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