This hard working girl from the streets of Bangkok comes to us during the day dressed in her loose bare shouldered blouse and low riding black slacks. She poses with such confident feminine sexuality as she shows what she has to offer that it simply does not compute that she is really a man. Se has a large face and features, especially her full lips which beg to be parted by a cock. She sexily tilts her head from side to side as her gorgeous dirty blond hair flops about her shoulders. Our gender puzzlement continues when she strips to her cute bra and panties which shows off her full girlish figure. When she teases us by showing her large trimmed triangle of pubes and soft ample bum there is still no indication of her true gender. With pants off the hide the sausage game continues as she makes her way to the bed where I offer my cock which she expertly devours. This finally gets her hard enough to show us her nice medium sized dick and balls. She takes her time as she enjoys more of my cock and slowly jerks hers to a milking cum.
Earn is a freelancer who walks around the Sumkhumvit Road area near Nana Plaza which is on Soi 4. My ladyboy friend met her first and then called her one day when we needed a girl and she came right over. A seemingly easygoing girl who apparently admitted to my friend that she had smoked ice (i.e. crystal meth) prior to the shoot. This often has a negative effect on their ability to get an erection and explains the extreme effort she needed to cum. I sucked her and she me many times during this shoot as she went soft several times. It is unfortunate that such a lovely girl is already so addicted to this awful drug that she needs to do it early in the day. I saw her recently and she still looks good so hopefully she has this habit under control.

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