Denden is ravishing beauty from Manila with a dark sexy shedick. In contrast with her complexion she came to the shoot dressed in a tight bright white top that also serves a dress when she strips out of her jeans to show off her slim figure. She tosses about her full mane of long black hair and plays with it teasingly as she poses. She is a truly pretty girl with aquiline features and large exotic eyes that sparkle as do her pink wet lips. Dress off she is nude but for a tiny purple velour bikini that just cannot contain her hard cock which stands proudly erect from a huge hairy mass of black pubes. She slows things down by changing into a one piece swimsuit that is also unsuccessful at hiding her rigid tool and swollen balls. When she frees her perpendicular penis we get a good look at her bushy patch that extends right round to her unkempt boy pussy. Finishing the set she stares at her dick as she jerks until she pumps out a milky load of cum that soaks her hairy crotch.

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