Cindy loves to dance and that may be one of the reason she is such a hard body. I love these girls with tiny waists. Cindy looks even slimmer and more ripped than when I had met her in the spring. Hopefully it is from good living and not smoking ice. She didn’t look as pretty as when I met her so this did occurred to me. But it could just be the makeup. Some of the ladyboys like to use a whitish foundation which makes their faces noticeably whiter than their bodies. I think this is the Asian equivalent of westerners using facial bronzer. Cindy is light skinned to begin with so with her long face and red lips she looks almost ghoulish in some shots. Cindy had some trouble getting hard that day. I gave her a Viagra on told her to just relax while I shot her friend. She didn’t listen and masturbated constantly for about 20 minutes. She was half hard when she took up with the black zucchini which she got quite far in her hairy A-hole. She took another masturbation break in order to get hard enough to cum.

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