For our health conscious members we bring you some nice fresh femboy fruit. She was just waiting to be picked or rather picked up so she could give us a taste of her sweet young cock. Cherry is sporting a rather unusual hairdo which her orange dyed hair styled in to a halo around her bangs and long strait hair at the back which are likely extensions. This frames her large cute face on which she has large bright eyes and a small jewel nose piercing. She looks sexy posing in her loose black sparkly dress which she pulls of her shoulders and lets drop to the bed. Our cocks harden as she kneels hand on hip showing off her tight little body in her black bra and lace panties. Removing her bra she bares the small pink nipples capping her little hormone titties. She then pushes down her panties first hiding her shaved little hooded dick and balls. Not much stroking and her girl penis has grown to a surprising length and width given her small body size. From behind on all fours she pushes her fat pink cock through her legs and we see she has two tattoos on her back and one on her inner calf. Sitting back on the pillows legs spread she raises one arm high as she strokes her dink with the other hand until she produces creamy white desert topping for our cherry delight.
Cherry is a new girl at Temptations Bar fresh off the farm near Uttaradit. She is 171 cm tall and weighs 52 Kg but appears shorter than she is in the pictures because of her stubby legs. At 18 she is already on hormones but is also naturally feminine and it will be interesting to see how much she changes over the next few years. As a likely candidate for a boob job my guess is she will develop into another breathtakingly beautiful babe with a cock.

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