Seeing tall slim beautiful Beau in the street I sought the truth about how she was built down below. As she stood there statuesquely in her sort blue jean shorts and pink on white double tank top I asked her not to fib about how big she was down there. She told with a straight face that she had a small cock. While could not tell if she was jibing or jesting I went ahead and asked her to sit on the bed. She wore a serious expression on her very pretty face with her long dark hair, full pink lips and large sleepy eyes. She then got to her knees and removed her shirt to tantalize me with her slim almost nude torso save for the lacy black bra covering her flat chest. The tease continues as she shimmied down her shorts to show her tiny panties covering a surprisingly large crotch bulge which grows with our torment as her neatly trimmed pubes now peek from the top of this small triangle of cloth. From behind the truth of her gender lie is revealed by her hairy butt hole sand small dangling balls. Back around Beau’s geste about her cock is exposed by the unveiling of her hard long pole and low hanging ball sack. It is no gag when she grabs her tool in one hand and mine in the other before dropping to her knees to suck my dick nor does she (gag). It is also no joking matter when she sits on the headboard of the bed to pose with her big dink in hand before delivering the punch line as a large squirt of creamy cum on to her leg.
I’m not really sure if Beau was joking or if she really thinks her cock is small. She may not have been jesting because she hangs around with her friend Pim also from Obsession bar who has a huge monster sausage cock. So relatively speaking her slim long curving dick is small but is plenty big enough in isolation. Truthfully her humorous motivation was contrived by me simply to gain the reference to chronically remade Beau Geste story about the French Foreign Legion brothers who along with their brutal commander are the last survivors of a remote Middle Eastern outpost. In the version I remember the commander (played by Telly Savalas) forces them to fight on against relentless attacks by sarrasins until one is finally killed and the other kills the commander to escape. Then there is the “Last Remake” version starring the hilariously bug eyed Marty Feldman as one of the brothers.

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