It may be hard to find good help these days but Be will get you good and hard. Imagine coming home from a hard days work to find this little cutie waiting for you in the kitchen. Be has a sweet little smile on her round kind of pudgy face and her bangs and thick eyebrows give her a bit of a boyish look which makes sense considering she is one. Be is dressed for the part to satisfy your physical cravings in her red apron and your doubts about her femininity are quickly dispelled when she turns and you see her bare back and plump little bottom in black panties. Be knows the best way into her mans pants is through his stomach so she retrieves some fish from the fridge and pops it into the microwave. Since things are heating up she then smartly dons the big red oven mitts before serving up the meal she has prepared. While we satisfy one of our hungers she seeds the other by pawing her hot body with her mitts as she coyly smiles. She teases us by removing her top under the apron first and then toying with her covered nipples. Our desire grows as she slowly removes her panties and gives us a better look at her round scrumptious little ass. Not forgetting her wifely chores she then retrieves the dirty dishes which she prepares to wash by stretching rubber gloves on her soft little hands. Our thoughts remain unclean as she fills the sink with soapy water and begins the washing as we gaze upon her mouth-watering rear-end and we notice she has a strange symbolic upper back tattoo that is often hidden by her hair. Once the dishes are done she quickly removes the apron to reveal her sexy little body with her small nipples and bushy crotch which has a faint trail of hair extending up to her belly button. Below hangs her dark balls and hooded cock which while soft is still quite fat. She continues the clean up by squirting the creamy white soap on her tits and smearing the glistening mess down her torso and into her hairy patch. This causes her dick and balls to swell and she then further spreads the goo all over her pretty heart shaped butt. Using a sponge and then a glass she dribbles water down her naked front which really starts to lather her and us up. She continues with the wash and spin cycle as we watch her suds up her fine ass before doing another 180 to show us her full frontal soapy shecock. The rinse cycle precedes the removal of the rubber gloves and my cock which she sucks while she stokes herself. When she stands we see her cock is also hard and the precum soaked head has emerged. She smiles hornily as she leans back against the counter to stroke her meat before grabbing the mixing spoon which she squirts full with her special sauce. She then lifts this to her lips and slurps her own cum off the spoon which satisfies her food lust.

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