Bam and Yoyo
Like the her namesake toy Yoyo keeps coming back and this time she is playing with sweet little femboy Bam. Sporting nice long new mutli-colored hair extensions Yoyo is the much more sexy and feminine of the two. She has an incredibly large pretty face which is accentuated by the band pulling her hair back. We are so captivated by Yoyo’s smile and large lashed eyes poor Bam looks a little mousy beside her. Getting to their bodies it is the same thing, while Bam has a perfectly adequate body in her red underwear it is hard to compete with Yoyo’s phenomenal big round fake boobs busting out of her lime green bikini top. As the girls get close their four tits come out and despite the size difference Bam finally wins our leers with her lovely suckable hormone tits with huge nipples. We have to call it a draw when these babes show us their still covered booties and the bulges created by their tucked behind cock and balls. They briefly reverse the strip for some poses each donning a top, Yoyo a white corset and Bam a dotted shirt before they both get cocks out naked. Sitting side by each stroking their hairy dicks Yoyo again edges out Bam with her huge fat cock and swollen balls. Bam seems to be intimidated as her respectable hooded shedick just doesn’t get as hard as Yoyo’s long curving cock with its huge pink head. It is pretty obvious who will do the fucking and the girls pose with their penises a bit before Yoyo inserts her big dick in Bam’s willing hairy ass. She pumps away as Bam moans in delights until she must lay back and stroke her large dick to an explosive cumshot.

Bam and Yoyo
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