Aline Ganzarolly, Ana Livia, Emilly Weickert, Francini Munhoz
We caught these gorgeous shemales after they had just finished off a bottle of wine and decided to play a naughty game of spin the bottle. It all seemed innocent enough with them sitting on the bed with the bottle between them. But they had their own rules on how the game was played and it consisted of every one getting naked and every one getting fucked. With each spin of the bottle, more clothing was removed and more fondling was done until these T-girls were too horny to bother with bottle anymore and they were just going wild getting each other bare ass naked. They rubbed and tugged on each others girl poles getting them hard as steel before making a shecock ass pumping line of ecstasy. They took turns riding each others hard shecocks until they were all ready to explode in orgasm and they were blowing their cum loads on tits and tummies.

Aline Ganzarolly, Ana Livia, Emilly Weickert, Francini Munhoz
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