Pantyhose and high heel fetish fans will love this set with tall and slim Bangkok femboy named Ae. Her long slender milky white arms and legs give away her very tall and thin figure which she attempts to hide with her billowy and sheer black dress top. When she pushes the straps down she reveals bony but sexy shoulders and prominent collar bones which connect her long neck to her incongruously large head with reddish brown hair falling back down to those shoulders. She has a wide and fairly pretty large feature face on which she usually wears a nice smile revealing imperfect teeth. Top off she leaves her black strapless bra covering her flat chest and reveals her tight vertically scarred outy naveled torso. Removing her short jean shorts she has magically donned s pantyhose under which we can make out sexy red lace panties which have trouble covering her ample dark pubes. The next sequence on the couch is for leg and foot fans as she slowly removes the sheer hose until she must remove her heels to get them completely off her large feet. Standing she pulls on her panties from various directions to tease us with partial views of her pubes, ass and balls. She then kneels to suck my dick and this causes her nice cock to sprout up through a hole in her panties at 45 degree angle. We then get her to put the pantyhose back on so we can see her gorgeous hard penis tenting them before pulling them back down for some great dick posing shots. She ends the shoot by laying back on the couch with her hose at her knees to jerk her pretty dink until it squirts a huge load from her pubes to her bra.
Ae is a super nice and quiet freelancer who works the Sukhumvit Road area near Nana Plaza. When she did the shoot she seemed to usually be on the North side between Soi 3 and 5. You can often find her sitting with friends at the outdoor restaurant in the alley between these Soi’s and there are some pics of her in the forum doing just that. She is very thin almost to the point of emaciation which I hope is natural versus from a drug habit. I almost prefer this type to some of the meatier more feminine girls and I get a woody just looking at her legs and so she was a natural for the pantyhose fetish shoot. I would actually like to do more like this so tell me in the forum if you would like to see more pantyhose, stockings, heels and lingerie.

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Duration: 13:50 min
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