This is by far the horniest girl I have ever met as well as being one of the hottest. She is bubbly and fun and always laughing and acting crazy. Maybe she is on drugs but if so I want some. I mean look at her taking her clothes off, dancing around and hamming for the camera. This was the funest shoot I`d done to date. I`m glad she had a big poofy dress to hide her body or she would be too sexy. I don`t know about you but I love those baseball sized tits protruding from her skeletally thin body. Some would say they look fake, well hell yes but they still look great! Look at her grabbing those things in both hands with nothing else on but her impossibly small string bikini briefs. When you see her huge cock it makes you wonder how it could be restrained by such a tiny piece of cloth. When hard her big cock has a slight twisting up curve to one side. Once she had my cock out and I was looking down on her pretty face sucking it and those tits and cock below I knew I had to fuck her. A little lube and a condom and we were off to the races which I did not catch on film. Fast forward to her huge cumshot all over and around her belly jewel. Well for most girls this would be enough right? Not Pond, she insisted that I fuck her again and she actually came a second time. Unbelievable!

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